Friday, June 26, 2009

Soundtrack of My Life

Song: Billie Jean
Artist: Michael Jackson
Album: Thriller (1982)

We lost a truly gifted and troubled soul yesterday with the passing of Michael Jackson.

While his life during the last 15 years had become a media spectacle and littered with allegations and inappropriate actions, there is no denying that at his peak, Michael Jackson was without question the greatest entertainer on the planet.

Thriller is still the greatest album ever made and while I single out Billie Jean, there are four or five other tracks on this record that could have easily made the cut.

The title track changed the way people looked at music videos, becoming the first mini-movie and introducing a zombie-filled, highly-choreographed dance routine into the minds of millions.

Beat It ... enough said. Say, Say, Say with Paul McCartney, Pretty Young Thing, Human Nature, You Wanna Be Startin' Something... just awesome.

For all the jokes that have and will be made about him, it's pretty clear that there was something seriously wrong with Michael Jackson, probably in more ways than one and that is a shame.

The man had more musical talent than all the little pop sluts running around today combined and his loss needs to me treated as such - a loss, not the punchline to a string of bad jokes.

Rest in Peace, Michael.

You are and always will be The King of Pop.

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amy said...

well said Speny!