Monday, June 1, 2009

No Time to Talk...

I've got improvements to make at Keyboard Kimura.

Without exaggeration, I've spent the last two hours sitting here at this desk, reading Blogger Help files on how to change all kinds of wonderful elements of my Mixed Martial Arts playground and I want to go play some more.

Of course, I also didn't want to keep your daily dose of information from the Wonderful World of Me from you, so here you go.

Totally unrelated piece of information maybe only I find interesting:

I check my Google Analytics each day to see how many hits and views I'm getting on these pages. Over the last month, I've noticed a strange trend.

Monday through Thursday are pretty solid - averaging over 100 views last week - but Friday, Saturday and Sunday plummet into the crapper.

My guess - a lot of you are wasting time at work checking in with iBlog and have far more important things to do on the weekend than see what I'm rambling about.

And now I have more important things to do too, so we'll talk again tomorrow...

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