Thursday, March 26, 2009

Yes, That's a Picture of Everlast...



Just like the prodigal son, I've returned
Anyone steppin' to me you'll get burned
Cuz I got lyrics and you ain't got none
If you come to battle bring a shotgun!

Gotta love House of Pain!

* * * * * * * *

All classic hip hop references aside, I am back. Officially. For good.

No more of this one post every two weeks crap that I've been delivering for the last couple weeks. My apologies, again...

The return to form is due to two things: (1) writing has always been my catharsis and I need that right now, a daily release from the annoyances of life and (2) a old friend of mine who I rarely talk to left me a Facebook message asking me where the hell my blog posts went.

Thanks for kicking me in the ass Cam!

So, be ready... I'm back and you better get your reading glasses!


Ashley said...

You have been missed!

Cam said...

Bout time Big Bro! Keep up the writing! You've got a gift man!