Saturday, March 7, 2009

Closing in on Smashy Smashy

I make my living on the computer. Well, you know what I mean. I try to.

So, when the computer isn't working, I tend to get a bit irritated.

Down for the afternoon? Not so bad.

Down for a day? Getting grumpy.

But when the effing thing won't connect to the goddamn Internet for three days and no one seems to have any answers for me, we get dangerously close to my computer looking like the one in the picture above.


It's not the computer. I know that because I spent an hour disconnecting the stupid thing and lugging it into the store for someone to check it.

When you surf the 'net as much as I do, there is always the worry that some site I've stopped at gave me the computer equivalent of HIV.

But that's not the case; had it been, when buddy at the store hook it up to his network, there would have been all kinds of bells and whistles going off and telling him to get out as fast as he can.

Instead, I've played phone tag with the folks that run the joint up here and should have the same guy who handles the yard work in the Spring here to help me with my computer situation sometime in the next 10 minutes or so.

Which leads me to my big question of the day: How do you build a beautiful new complex like this and fuck up something as basic and essential as Internet service?

I know people come here to ski mostly, but some of us just don't like the slopes... or the outdoors in general, for that matter.

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