Sunday, March 29, 2009

10 Things I Learned This Week

After a month long hiatus, Albert is back in effect!

1. I Missed This Place
Strange how you go through lulls in life. For the last month or so I have been so wrapped up in making sure everything is running smoothly over at The Love of Sports that I haven't felt like sitting down to pen this page. Now that I've been back for four straight, I wonder how I ever stopped. I need this outlet to ramble about all things Spencer and am glad to be home.

2. You Need to Check Out TLOS
Seriously - me and my man Rip have been putting in crazy hours getting the site loaded with content each and every day and I can say without bias that it is a fantastic site. Even if you don't like sports all that much, you'll enjoy it, especially my stuff. It's the same over there as it is over here - sarcastic, entertaining and smart - just with a focus on sports.

3. My Bracket Got Busted Last Night
Stupid Villanova beating Pitt! In truth, it's my own damn fault, taking Pitt to win it all on two of my four brackets, including beating North Carolina. This is what I get for straying away from my beloved Tar Heels.

4. Getting Close to Getting Hitched
We leave for our week in Ontario in under two weeks and as my man Deuce keeps informed on MSN everyday, we're T-23 days to hitting the shores of Samana. In less than a month, I'll be married... crazy!

5. Still Don't Know What I'm Wearing Either
I have an idea and a backup plan, but as of now, I need to go shopping. Of course, that is incredibly problematic living here on the edge of the Rocky Mountains where actual malls just don't exist. I mean, WalMart is the biggest name store I could hit up in a 100 km radius and there is no way I'm wearing WalMart on my wedding day!

6. Calgary Was a Bust
Last Monday, me and two of my managers bombed into Cowtown to watch the Wings and Flames. Not only did the Wings lose and look horrible, but the night of having a few drinks and some laughs turned into me being the only one who actually drank (and I only had six...) and spending two periods in the bleeds instead of down behind the Flames bench. At least I got to have a laugh with my man Tommy after the game...

7. You Know What I Just Realized?
I say "my man" a lot. Three times already in six items... guess that's the price of being as popular as I am!

8. Bouncing Back to Bugs
If you think I have strayed away from this site for too long, you should check out the Blue Jays page at Bugs & Cranks. I haven't written a thing in nearly three months, but that too is going to change. We're doing a revamp to the site and I'll be taking my baseball blabber back to where it all began on a semi-regular basis. And yes, I'm very excited that baseball is back despite how bad I think the Jays will be this year.

9. We've Got a New Sushi Joint in Town!
That is absolutely exclamation worthy and the best part is, the food is pretty damn solid. You wouldn't expect it from the look of the place; it's in an old hotel bar that has been around since Christ was a cowboy, but it's run by a Japanese family and they rock the rolls really well. Makes getting our fix a lot easier than the hour and half drive into Fernie.

10. Congratulations Pete & Brooke
I'ma be an uncle again! My brother and his new wife are expecting, so while Brooke won't be sipping the sangria while we're in Samana, there is all the more reason for me and Pistol to tie one on once we touch down.


Ashley said...

Oh how I've missed Albert...

Newt said...

I missed Al but I do have to say that I sneak over to TLOS to get my fix of quick witted humour. I didnt see any Tour de France news or anything documenting Lance Armstrong's comeback being derailed by a broken collar bone... oh well. I will keep reading.