Thursday, March 12, 2009

Dishonor Roll: Cheap and Stupid

On their own, these are two character traits that are annoying, but manageable. When you combine them together, however, it's a lethal combination. Without getting into too much detail about things, I got to deal with the dynamic duo last night.

For me, the way it works is this: if you can't do it somewhere else, you can't do it here. For example, I can't go to another restaurant, walk behind the bar and make my own drinks because the bartender isn't around. Just doesn't happen.

In fact, if you were caught behind that bar, chances are you would catch the business end of a baseball bat or another blunt object in the knees while someone screamed profanities at you.

So what in the hell makes people think they can do the same anywhere else, regardless of the fact that you work there? When you're a customer, you're a customer, period. Customers don't go behind the bar.

What makes it all the more pleasurable is that the individual has made a habit of stiffing me on a nightly basis. A dollar here, two bucks there and one night where because she made no money, she decided it was okay that I didn't get what I was owed for making her drinks all night.


Now, I don't know what's going to happen to this chick; I know she's going to get in shit and I don't feel an ounce of sympathy. You get what you deserve and that's that.

The awesomeness is going to be seeing how things shake out at work once I go back, since I'm the newish guy and she's been around for a while. The good thing is I know I have a few people on my side, not that this is some kind of gang war or anything.

Honestly, it's just amazing to me how some people haven't already been eaten by bears.

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