Thursday, December 25, 2008

Dishonour Roll: Bro - Anything!

Before getting all surly, lemme wish you a Merry Christmas!

With that out of the way, let us begin, shall we?

The term bro is quite possibly my least favourite colloquialism in the entire English language. As if someone other than Peter Kyte or perhaps Francis Santos calling me brother wasn't bad enough, we had to go and be all lazy, shortening brother to bro, in the process creating the worst word ever.

GQ rightfully called out the word "bro" a bunch of months ago as being the most annoying and obnoxious thing one guy could call another.

Pictured is Brody Jenner, who obviously starts out with a -1 because his name contains the word in question.

What helps Brody fall even further into the negative is his new MTV series that is set to premiere any day now... Bromance.

As if he wasn't already the closest male approximation of Paris Hilton around, Brody is now following in Paris' reality TV foot steps by searching for a new friend to add to his entourage in the most ridiculously named series in the history of television.

Yes, Bromance is worst than Game Show in My Head, but not by much.

You know things are bad when I'm calling you out; I mean, I'm the guy who has confessed his man crushes and openly cops to being metrosexual without batting an eye, but Bromance? C'mon.

If I ever said to my boys back home that our friendship was a bromance, I would be looking for new friends. Anyone with halfway normal guy friends would be and rightfully so.

D'you know you uses terms like bromance?

Guys with popped collars.
People who still wear visors and still have them cocked to the side a little.
The "My New Haircut Guy" from YouTube.

No one likes any of those guys, except for maybe the guys he's bromantic with...

There, do you see how stupid it sounds?

Don't be a douchebag - just say no to bro!

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Newt said...

Hey Bro, I cannot believe you blogged on Christmas day! Your hardcore.