Friday, December 19, 2008

Dishonour Roll: Marlin Travel

I'ma kill somebody!

We're four months away from our wedding day and everything - literally everything about our trip to the Dominican is fucked.

After months of hassling our Travel Agent, she finally got around to sending out invoices last week, a good five weeks after asking me for all the addresses I had previously forwarded to her and after she took her last two weeks vacation for the year.

Now they turn up today and half of our guests are booked for the wrong week...


Bad is us having to get on her case about sending the invoices.

Worse is knowing that with the economic collapse that we're paying far more than we really should be.

Un-fucking-believable is what happens if this shit can't be sorted out?

Sweet suffering fuck I want a cigarette...


Newt said...

Lay the boots to them Spence! I cannot believe that your travel agent has dropped the ball when it is something as important as your wedding. You would think they would go to lengths to ensure things go off without a hitch. The worst part of this is that you could have done this yourself but you went to a "professional" and paid a premium for their services to ensure things like this did not happen. Good luck straightening this out.

jennifer said...

Hope everything turns out ok.
Good Luck.