Thursday, December 11, 2008

No Room for Errors

The old adage is true: the squeaky wheel does get the grease.

In the real life version, I'm the squeaky wheel and the grease is an opportunity to work for Fight! Magazine.

Just as I had told you I would do earlier in the week, I sent Tuesday's post attached via email to the Editor-In-Chief of Fight! Magazine explaining my frustrations with purchasing a publication that continually puts out stories containing errors.

Mr. Craig emailed me back later in the day and told me to call him.

The following morning, we had a nice conversation about my email and frustrations and came to a very awesome solution:

My complaining ass is going to get an opportunity to step up and deliver as Proofreader for Fight! and there might be an opportunity to get involved beyond that moving forward.

Regardless of the possibility to potentially contribute online and in print, this is still a killer break for me and one that I am very excited about. Not only will I be getting paid to read MMA stories, but my foot is jammed in the door going forward and a strong display on the proofreading front with continued excellence at my usual gigs (Bugs, TLOS, here) could mean a break into the business for real.

"For real" meaning writing things that I actually get paid for in the end. You know, the opposite of Passion Magazine.

Don't expect any breaking news on the MMA front to come out of this opportunity; I may be a complaining bastard, but I'm also one who knows all about confidentiality and you ain't getting no scoops from me.

What you can expect, however, is for their to be less mistakes in the up coming issues of Fight! Gone are the days of Fabric Werdum, Gabriel Gonzo and Ricardo Aroma. They've been replaced by Fabricio Werdum, Gabriel Gonzaga and Ricardo Arona... and E. Spencer Kyte.

Of course, it also means I have to step up my game here and publish error-free copy, but c'mon, how hard could that bee?


jennifer said...

Love the 'BEE' error at the end. But Way to go, and good luck with it!

Newt said...

Congrats on getting a new gig with a print magazine.