Tuesday, December 9, 2008

I Always Thought Editing Was Important

This may come off a little "Pot Calling the Kettle Black" but let me quell those comments right off the bat.

I don't get paid a red cent for what I do here. I know, it's a travesty...

While I certainly have the odd spelling mistake, I am but a lowly blogger slugging out pieces on a daily basis in an effort to (a) improve my abilities, (b) entertain an average of 30 people a day and (c) pad the old resume.

The Editorial Team here at iBlog consists of me re-reading everything I write before posting it and then having Sarah double check things when she gets the chance to sit down and read the nonsense I've written for the day.

On the other hand, Fight! Magazine has an Editorial Staff, headed by Editor-in-Chief Donovan Craig and collects copious amounts of money from MMA fanatics like myself that drop $5 a month on their publication, not to mention the cash they cop from advertisers and sponsors.

You would think that with the money they have coming in they would do a better job of fact checking and editing their articles.

Each month, Fight! has a handful of pieces with words missing, improperly spelled names and general bad grammar and it drives me insane!

The current issue - on sale now and featuring Frank Mir on the cover - is the worst offender in the last three months. Within the Editor's Letter from Mr. Craig alone there are two errors inside the first sentence.

How is this possible? Someone needs to answer this for me. I'm hoping Donovan Craig himself will, seeing as I've emailed him my thoughts and a link to this entry.

I ask this question not only as a disappointed fan and struggling writer looking to make it in the business, but as someone who will most likely be assuming some editing duties of my own down the road through my work with The Love of Sports.

Nothing is concrete yet, but as the site continues to expand, I'll be taking on a more active role and part of that will include editing.

I know that I won't be able to get away with spelling athletes names wrong or leaving out words that help form cohesive sentences, so how can a publication like Fight!?

I'll continue racking my brain about this and keep you posted on any responses from Mr. Craig... and any developments with The Love of Sports too.

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