Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I Live in the State of Flux

It's seems like nothing is settled in my life.

The wedding plans are almost sorted, but not quite. Work is generally good, but the odd day is really craptacular. Website redesigns are screwing up my daily routines. Company is coming on Friday to further screw up my flow.

See - I live in a State of Flux right now and I hate it.

I need regularity.

I crave consistency, routines, schedules, plans.

This idea of things changing regularly being good for you is a lie; things changed a whole bunch of times for me from the time I was born until I turned 27 and it ultimately sucked.

Sure, there were positives and I met new people and saw new places etc. etc. etc. but I could have just as easily stayed where I was, kept the friends I had and things would have been fine.

It wasn't until I stopped flying by the seat of my pants and started to actually take stock of things and figure out where I wanted to end up that my life started going the way I wanted it to.

Now, I have the pieces all laid out before me, but I can't get them all in place just yet.

Too many balls in the air. Too many daily changes and adjustments.

One of these days though, it'll all fall into place...

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