Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Name: Spencer Kyte ... the E is for Edgar, a nod to my grandfather
Age: 29
Height: 5' 10"...not tall enough to fulfill my basketball dreams
Weight: I'll tell you when we're a little better acquainted
Eyes: Green

So yesterday, my 29th birthday, I was sitting at dinner with my girlfriend and I came to the revelation that all I want to do is write. This wasn't anything new; I've been saying the same thing for the better part of the last year, but this time I had a new plan. Time to unleash the Three-Headed Monster.

Head One - Bugs & Cranks
The Rookie of the Year of Baseball Blogs if I do say so myself.
In less than a year, this little engine that could has gone from total obscurity to being one of the top rated sports blogs on the Net according to the good people at BallHype, and what they say goes. I cover the Toronto Blue Jays and anything else Major League Baseball related that comes to mind, especially if it involves Josh Hamilton. Honestly, you need to check it out...

Head Two - Passion Magazine (Site Relaunched November 26, 2007)
Being a part of something you think is going to be big from the very beginning is an intoxicating feeling. It was like that with Bugs and the same feelings have returned with my involvement with Passion. After a brief hiatus and some restructuring, Passion is set to relaunch on Novemeber 26 and YT is going to be a part of it, with two articles and a little picture/bio combo to boot. If you're looking for Style / Life / Culture, Passion is all you need.

Head Three - You're Reading It!
This was the revelation that I had over a pint of Guinness and a Clubhouse Panini: I need another outlet. Bugs is great for baseball and Passion is a perfect bi-monthly side bet, but there has got to be more that I can do to get my name out there and do what I love to do. Then I remembered that a couple months ago when I did some pinch hitting at Our Book of Scrap (What's up Scrap?!) I set up this Blogger Account and I figured, "Why not use it?"

And so here we are.

This is going to serve as my outlet for all the randomness that flows through my mind - from sports to music to movies to politics to absolutely anything and everything else. I'll keep the baseball stuff over at Bugs, but everything else will be coming to you live and in colour - and colour is spelled with a U - right here.

Welcome to the Freak Show Boys & Girls!


ajgodson said...

Write on, my friend, we'll be reading.

DCScrap said...

I'll be tuned in. No pressure!